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Our office is committed to providing you and your family with top-quality dental care. We believe daily brushing and flossing of teeth is vitally important, as well as regular check ups and teeth cleanings. Quality dentistry is part of a healthy lifestyle and we strive to help our patients lead the happiest, healthiest lives possible!

Below is a list of our general and family dentistry services:

ROOT CANALS | Root canals don’t have to be an intimidating procedure. Our root canal therapy treatments are calm and comfortable. Better yet, correcting a root canal will completely eliminate any pain you may be dealing with due to a damaged tooth nerve.

HYGIENE | Maintaining optimal oral health is part of leading an overall healthy life. Science continues to link oral health to overall health. We take this connection seriously and make sure we provide the best dentistry possible to patients of all ages. That’s why so many have chosen us as their family dentist.

SEDATION DENTISTRY | Despite advancements in dental technology and comfort we understand the fear and anxiety some experience when even thinking about visiting the dentist. In order to get the quality dental care you need, we offer several sedation dentistry options to make your visit calm and enjoyable.

TOOTH-COLORED FILLINGS | Silver fillings are a thing of the past. Technological advances in tooth fillings allow us to provide you with fillings that blend in perfectly with your natural tooth color.

EMERGENCY DENTISTRY | Sometimes life can throw you a curveball—literally. When accidents happen, we’re here to help. Whether it’s a car accident or a high-and-inside pitch that catches you off guard, we can help set your smile straight and keep you grinning—no matter what life throws at you.

We would love for you to stop by and visit! See for yourself why our patients love us and choose to make us their family dentist. Call and set up an appointment today!